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Duffy Brown

My interest in art began with the training I received to become a "docent" in the Greenville County Museum of Art in 1978. (South Carolina) I went on to earn the Associate Degree in Art from the museum's art school. When I finished my studies in 1984, I began making jewelry for sale. I have been participating in arts and crafts shows since then and in the past 5 years have had my work in galleries around the Southeast. To get the necessary inspiration and training in metal work I go to Penland and Arrowmont craft schools for two-week workshops every summer.

I am an enthusiastic gardener and am into all that's natural. I think this strongly influences my jewelry design. I like for my work to reflect the colors and textures of the earth. These days we are more casual in our dress and I think my designs fit well with that style of life.

30_necklace 41aquapin 42_pendant  
Pin/Pendant Pin Pendant  
43woven_earrings 44_earings  
Earrings Earings Pendant  

In many of my pieces I use river rocks from Carolina rivers, shards of colored porcelain, and a mosaic of glass beads. I hand fabricate a small sterling silver "box" to hold the objects, then apply tile grout. The backs of all the pieces are textured for design interest. In other pieces I use woven copper which has silver fused on top. They are enclosed in a sterling silver "frame". The blue-green patina is then applied to the copper. All earrings have sterling wire/posts. Clip-ons are available for an additional $5.00.

They can be cleaned by buffing with a "Scotch Brite" scrubby pad or you can use a jeweler's cloth.

All of these pieces are hand fabricated by the artist.




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