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I have, for several years, been recording my dreams. The work represents an integration of my art and my dreams: writing down the stories of them, then making small drawings, small books, or sculptures about them. The drawings in the books and subsequent drawings are not illustrations but a way of telling another aspect of the dream. I have done dream drawings from which I've continued and done more than 40 subsequent drawings. Each drawing is a continuation of the original image and also a deepening of the impact and meaning. It has a relationship to the earlier image discovered in the dream work and also it has its own story to tell. These images also have a strong relationship to my earlier landscape drawings. I've used a variety of personal symbols in both series. These are mixed media pieces, I call them paintings. I use pastel, oil, acrylic, collage, oil stick, wood and charcoal. The collaged pieces have some personal meaning for health, change and continuity. I want to use all my tools to tell my story.



1_branch 2_fullbloom 3_2buds 4_quarry

(1) Branch


(2) Full Bloom (3) 2 Buds (4) Quarry
5_grafting 7_newyears98 8_catfishgrowslegs
(5) Grafting (6) Rosebud (7) New Years98 (8) Catfish Grows Legs




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