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Jeanette Fuss is the owner and principal craftsman at Taiko Etc. She started making taiko for Emeryville Taiko in 1991, one of the many taiko groups in North America of which she is a founding member. In addition to making/repairing/maintaining taiko drum for Emeryville, Jeanette has designed and provided quiet taiko sized practice drums for the members to play. These have replaced the former practice of strapping used automobile tires to chairs. As a self-taught craftsman, Jeanette has branched out into creating other forms of percussion. Her most recent creations include Shekere's (gourd shakers) Caxixi (basket rattles) and Mayan Gourd Drums.

Her drums are now played by (a partial list): Emeryville Taiko; Janet Koike of Rhythmix; Colin Cave; Ruth Ichinaga; Janet Chin & Lynn Barron; Berkeley Repertory Theatre.

Jeanette continues to acquire new skills, try new techniques and experiment with other native materials, always with the hope of making drums that sound better, live longer and have a stronger spirit.

drum1 drum2 shaker3



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