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Joolia Jameson Harper

 Fine Art Printed Silks

I've been an artist my entire life, starting with my first watercolor kit at age 5.  I've done most types of media to varying degrees since then, but textile work and painting were probably the things I loved best, outside of building.  (I was also a house painter and carpenter for 30 years).

I started working with fabric seriously at 13, started learning about silk painting about 20 years ago (the only book I could find on the subject then was in French--I bought it), and finally started learning how to create my own prints on fabric digitally about 8 years ago: there were no books.

I've gone through several digital printers and am currently using an Epson 9600.  It has a 44" wide format and I use reactive dyes (rather than ink) so I am set up to print on silk and cotton, and a few other fabrics.  I create my own images through my own photography, scanning, and painting for my digital prints.

I also still paint with brushes and sprays, on silk and (occasionally) canvas, and design clothes and accessories. I sell my work at galleries and shops, and out of my studio by appointment.





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