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I am a fine art photographer. I wield my camera as a painter would her brush. The negative is my canvas. I felt an artist's passion at an early age, finding the camera to fulfill my expression in my early 20s. Installations have joined photography in my artistic expression; photographs are most always present within the installations.

My photographs are intended to engage the viewer in seeing with a different eye and are infused with my fifty three years of living and thirty years photographing.

I now offer b&w and color professional and personal portraits as well as fine art. I work with a medium format Hasselblad camera I've had since the early 70s.




I have always loved this photograph for the lyrical and sensual quality of the cedar's lines and colors. It took three rolls of 12-shot film to isolate this contemplative image.

Looking toward the West, I drew my breath and brought my camera into action. I took one shot, as is my usual mode of photographing unless I am making a study of a person, place or thing.

From the Paris Series, 1997

I visited Paris, a long-held desire, for my 50th birthday. Pont de la Tournelle and Pont Marie were close to my hotel and I deliberately re-visited them my last morning before heading for my favorite cafe. The other photographs were found on my daily travels.


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