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Laurel Lee:
Fine Artist and Activist
geran1 geran2 nudes stop
Geranium in Room Geranium and
Clark Street
Eve in Garden without Manet Trying to Say "No" to Rape
sugar1 sugar2 window windows2
Still Life with Black Bear 1 Still Life with
Black Bear 2
Wisconsin's idea of good sex... Snow Storm
Art has always been a way for me to communicate, even as a child, in my adult life I've worked to educate my self in academic disciplines. I've always lived in Wisconsin with short sojourns in Minnesota where I received my studio arts degree and spent the first years of my marriage. The last thirteen years of my life I've lived as a single mother, in search of lesbian romance, instead I got violence, Is it my fault or oppression? In response my work relates frustration, anger, and a desire not to be a baby, but a working citizen making images that bring intelligence to any home. My work is scholarly as portrayed in my acceptance by Ivy league competitions of feminist visions, and home bound as seen in my recent drawings of dinosaurs for my nephew's birthday present.



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