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Trish McCauley:
Nature Photography
Negative Rose
Lazy Afternoon
Wall and Bench..
Swords into Plowshares
Bodie Dragonfly
Peaceful Easy Feeling
Pink Tulips

I grew up thinking I was much too linear a thinker to be an artist. I pursued a career in computer programming to prove that point. After chasing that dream for a number of years, I found myself laid off from a Fortune 500 company and trying to decide what to do next.

After some soul searching, some life changing events and a number of comments from many friends, I realized I really should do something productive with my longtime love of photography. I reorganized my life and found I was quite comfortable calling myself an artist and seeing life in what I considered a different manner. I started to see life in terms of what type of photographs I could create in each scene and it has changed how I view life from day to day. Seeing the beauty in a craggy old tree stump, a burned out building or a vibrant rose is an incredibly freeing and positive feeling. I hope that my photographs will move people to feel life with the intensity I have long experienced in my heart.

All my photos are offered in an 8"x10" color format. All prints can be produced in smaller or larger sizes and I offer greeting cards with photos attached. Please inquire at womensart.com about any of these options. Outside of the 8"x10" format will be considered a custom order and may take extra time to fulfill. Rights determined per use. Display rights determined per use.


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