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A Women-Owned and Operated Virtual Art Gallery LLC is owned and operated by a team of dedicated women based in San Francisco, California. We offer consumers the largest online selection of fine arts and crafts created by women.

Our mission is to create a renaissance for women artists-to open the doors to full economic participation and professional acknowledgement both in the art world and in society at large.

We believe that the time is now for women artists, many of whom have traditionally confronted a "gallery gap." Less than 1% of traditional gallery space feature women artists (Guerrilla Girls West). closes the gallery gap by providing women artists affordable and easy access to art buyers, enthusiasts, and savvy shoppers. Our staff is inspired each day by the vision and determination of the artists we serve. Our goal is to share that inspiration with the public by making the work of these fine artists available for all to enjoy. Management Team

Our leadership team, profiled below, represents a broad spectrum of professional business and artistic experience.

Ces Rosales, Founder and President came about when Ces was brainstorming with an artist friend to find a way to showcase artistic works of women that do not have the means to do so in the traditional art world. The concept of the world wide web became extremely attractive. It is a place where women's art can be presented, be seen and be appreciated around the world at a very affordable cost. It is the gallery with no walls.

While it allows women artists the space to put on their exhibit, it likewise allows aficionados of women's art access to these artworks that are not easily seen or readily available anywhere else.

Ces brings a wealth of experience in starting up and building a business from the gound up. She is the founder of ZesTop, a graphics design firm based in San Francisco. Currently a partner and CEO, Ces started ZesTop in 1988 as a one-woman operation and built it to a fluctuating 5 to 11-people operation by the present time.

She earned a BA in Mass Communication, journalism major from the University of the Philippines and studied computers and computer programming in Vancouver, British Columbia. As President of, Ces oversees marketing and public relations. In addition, Ces jointly manages business development and strategic partnerships with the Chief Executive Officer, and technical development with the VP of Creative Development.

Claire Lachance, co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
As Chief Executive Officer, Claire Lachance oversees corporate administration, finance, and operations. She and Ces Rosales, President, jointly manage business development and strategic partnerships. Claire is a well-known financial advisor and business consultant in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her firm, Lachance & Associates, is dedicated to the economic empowerment of women-providing the tools and resources necessary for women to maximize their finances and develop new business ventures. In addition, Claire has provided marketing and strategic business consulting to several non-profits and women-owned start-ups. Claire held management positions in operations, marketing, and finance at Pacific Bell, Mercer Management Consulting, and MetLife.

She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA, magna cum laude, from Tufts University. For the past three years, Claire has served as President of the Board for San Francisco Women's Centers, Inc. (a.k.a., The Women's Building), which recently underwent a $6 million renovation and retrofit project.

Susan Liroff, co-Founder & Vice President of Creative Development
Susan Liroff is responsible for artist relations and creative content development for the website. Susan has been a graphic designer for twenty years. Her roots are in fine arts, having attended the Art Students League in New York City, as well as the Boston University School of Fine and Applied Arts.

Susan was a co-founder and the first executive director of the Women's Cancer Resource Center in Berkeley California. In her five years as Executive Director, the WCRC budget grew to $300,000. She now serves on its Board of Directors. Her management experience also includes two years as Production Manager at IA Corporation, now known as Alysis Technologies. Susan is a Black Belt in Jujitsu and is one of five instructors at Laurel Jujitsu, a women's martial arts and self defense school that has been in operation since 1974. She brings a driving work ethic and an infectious passion to her vision of organizing and empowering women to reach their fullest potential.

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