Susan Liroff: Large Fine Art Digital Prints
Number Series #0 - #9

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5_five 6_six 7_seven 8_eight 9_nine
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Through the past thirty years, I have been working as a commercial artist along side my lifelong diary rooted in drawing/sketching and painting.  The past three years, my work has taken me/evolved into my current art form - abstract digital art compostions.  My work has coalesced at the junction of my love for brushwork and my skills using the tools of graphic design.

The series is based on the numbers 0 through 9.  The numbers are irrelevant. They are merely a diving board by which the process of submerging myself in colors and digital technique is accomplished. The limited number format enables me to focus on the process rather than the outcome. The experience of painting in this medium is pure joy for me.
The work uses the process of on archival inkjet print on canvas, preserved with a varnish designed for this medium.

The works in this series are at least 24" tall and 38" wide. Numbers 3 and 8 are approximately 38" tall by 44" wide.

This show at THE SPACE is a preview for my Open Studio, on June 13 and 14th, 2009, where you can see works from other series that I have been working on the past 10 years such as watercolors, digital narratives, political art, and more.

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